"Timeless" created a FEEL when it was shown in 2010; Now it's back and better than ever: a more modern and attractive watch design and band, as well as new routines and improvements. "Timeless Deluxe" is as memorable as it is unique. This effect has been highly sought after for years, and has been successfully performed on America's Got Talent and Fool Us. The method is devilish and simple; It does not require any type of electronics. Better yet, the effect can be learned instantly and requires no difficult movements at all. At the end of "Timeless Deluxe", everything is examinable.



          The artist brings up the subject of implantable ideas in someone's head. To demonstrate, the mentalist takes off his watch and has a participant select a time by turning the knob to move their hands randomly. The chosen time is remembered and the artist's clock is held in the hands of the participant. The artist's head is genuinely rejected all the time. Still, the artist can now discern the chosen time. This is where he goes crazy: to demonstrate that the time and the clock itself were an implanted idea, the mentalist asks the participant to look at the clock again. Now THERE ARE NO HANDS AT ALL ON THE CLOCK. The hands ... are simply gone.

          The prediction of a chosen time is one of the strongest and improvised effects that one can do; play in a crowded theater or improvised at a table among friends. What "Timeless Deluxe" offers is an ending that no one will ever forget: the disappearance of the hands of a watch.

          The package includes the watch itself, an attractive watch that you will be proud to wear. You also get a special trick that achieves the method and makes everything examinable in the end. Full video instruction and additional ideas are included in the package.


          The watch does not mark the time and cannot replace a normal watch.

"Timeless Deluxe" is available in two styles: Midnight Black (black band with white watch face) and Patriot (red and blue stripes).


Peso (lb):  0.1
Dimensiones:  7.2 x 3.2 x 0.1

Timeless Deluxe Patriot

SKU: M-0502