His empty hands grab a can of soda and rip off the aluminum tab (that little metal thing with the two holes). Your charming viewer focuses her attention on one of the eyelash holes ... allowing her secret thoughts about you to flow into the metallic circular space. Wait a minute ... but it's still just the basic soda tab hole. You and your new potential friend apply a little warmth and tender thoughts to the eyelash ... and then WITH THE SAME TAB, you see that the EDGES of the hole have melted in a DIFFERENT way ... the rough shape of a MELTED HEART! It's kind of embarrassing ... But his secret thoughts about you have now been permanently sculpted out of aluminum forever! She can immediately examine the eyelash of the melted heart. And if you really want it, you can let it keep the sacred object as a unique earring or a lucky charm. You can try writing your phone number on the tab with a marker ... but yes there are better ways. Of course ... this is just one of MANY possible presentations and ideas with ALLUMINATI. YOU CAN EVEN USE YOUR ALLUMINATI TAB TO REVEAL A CHOSEN CARD! IN THIS VERSION BOTH HOLES IN THE SODA TAB SE REFORM. ONE HOLE BECOMES AN 8 AND THE OTHER A HEART! Put one in your pocket and you're always ready to make new friends. - You can even put the tab on the fingers of the spectators so that she can make the change herself. ALLUMINATI includes elegant and easy-to-use handling along with six ALLUMINATI heart tabs and six ALLUMINATI 8 heart tabs. Each ALLUMINATI eyelash is HANDMADE using FIVE DIFFERENT STEPS to ensure a perfect and natural looking eyelash at all times! ALLUMINATI Refill tabs will be available at your dealer

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Dimensiones:  7.5 x 5.3 x 0.5

Recargas Alluminati (juego de 12 unidades 8 de Corazones)

SKU: M-0521