"A winning combination of magic & monte!"
- R. Paul Wilson

Prohibition Monte by Alan Rorrison is a powerhouse routine, which combines three staple effects into one perfectly choreographed sequence with an engaging and exciting presentation.

Two Card Monte. Anniversary Waltz. Torn & Restored Card.

"A killer worker that takes up no pocket space and is great to have in your wallet at all times. Easy To do with a GREAT kicker ending - Get this now!"
- Chris Webb

The routine runs as follows:

- In telling a story of prohibition era con-men finding ways around the gambling laws of the times,You remove two half cards from your wallet and show them front and back.

- You suggest a simple game. You will place one of these half cards into your (shown empty) pocket, the other remains in your hand. The player is to guess which card is in the pocket. Even Though you give your mark every advantage, they will always guess the wrong card! (Until you want them to win a round!)

- For the grand finale, the final bet, you place both signed half cards in the mark's hands and profess that you will remove one, or neither of the cards. All they have to do is guess what remains in their hand. Regardless of what they guess, they open their hands to find that the twosigned halves have now fused together into a single 'twisted' full card, leaving them will an impossible souvenir and the memory of being swindled by a master of the con!

"Damn! That's the best monte routine I've EVER seen!"
- Jacob Smith

In your Prohibition Monte package, you will receive all the necessary gimmicks in a premium gold foiled tuck box and outer box for secure storage. You will receive five Prohibition Monte gimmicks,which can be used over and over again and twenty final reveal cards.

In the detailed video instruction, shot on location in a prohibition themed bar in Liverpool, England (the city in which the hit show "Peaky Blinders" was shot), Alan will explain the signed version of this routine and an unsigned version. If you choose to perform this unsigned, the gimmicks you receive will last you a lifetime. If you choose to perform the signed version, refills will be available very soon.

We have printed the Prohibition Monte gimmicks on slightly harder wearing, thicker stock than regular Bicycle cards to ensure they withstand being kept in your wallet as part of your magic EDC.

The gimmicks have been created with a subtly distressed style to fit the routine by expert playing card designer Destino, based on The 1914's proprietary "Providence" design.

Built for workers by a worker, Prohibition Monte is the ideal addition to any close up magicians set. It's easy to do, has a built in hook and ends with an incredible souvenir - Secure yours now and become a master of the con today!


Prohibition Monte (Gimmicks and Online Instructions)

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