This new Master Series "Carbon" version of Chrome Kings features a carbon fiber-like pattern printed on the back design and a carbon-fiber-like print on the standard case. Faces present Devo's incredible original 3D artwork that takes hundreds of hours to complete! The Chrome Kings Playing Card The project has long been a dream of underground playing card legend De'vo vom Schattenreich. As a world-renowned card expert, producer, and art director, De'vo has produced over 50 of the world's best game cards. Devo's letters have appeared on television, including Stan Lee's Super Humans television show! Devo cards are found in the homes of Hollywood celebrities and superstars and are used by magicians, card players, and card artists around the world. Some of its decks run out within a few minutes after launch. Several years ago, he had the idea to create a full deck of playing cards in full 3D environments and wanted to create this on his own, without the help of any other artist. Devo started the long journey and finally his first work of art that fueled his career as a card artist. The photographs taken of each model are printed on cards by the USPC with the best stocks and finishes in the world and are made in the USA. !

Peso (lb):  0.215
Dimensiones:  3.7 x 2.5 x 0.8

Naipes Chrome Kings Carbon (estándar)

SKU: M-0503