The “Deck Switcher” is a brilliant idea and avoids any complicated manipulation. With the Deck Switcher, the magician has an elegant solution to one of the traditional carto-magical problems: how to change a deck in an undetectable way. The Deck Switcher is very easy to implement and impossible to detect.

This is what they have said about him:

"A brilliant idea, I strongly recommend it"
Roberto Giobbi

"It comes to fill a gap in card magic and does it wonderfully well"
Juan Tamariz

“Just brilliant, and brilliantly-simple. I want a simple one. I wan one! "
David williamson

Endless possibilities. This idea will keep you busy for a long time. "
Jim Steinmeyer

"There is a world of opportunity inside this smart little box."
Max maven

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Dimensions: 5.5 x 4.3 x 1.0


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