Debut is a visually stunning way to produce small objects at your fingertips!Use this clever trick on your pre-existing routines or use it in a makeshift situation direct to friends and family. A great magician takes advantage of all possible situations and Debut allows you to turn ordinary moments into something captivating and impressive! Dry lips? Magically make a Chapstick appear visually at your fingertips! Do you need a sharpie? Boom! Bring up a sharpie! It looks like real magic and can be done with an unlimited number of small items. Debut was designed by the Abstract Effects team, taking the classic small-object look to the next level, the sleight of hand can only seem so magical but with Debut, those simple magical moments get a serious update. Show your hands cleanly without patting and make any small object appear visually with Debut!

Peso (lb):  0.05
Dimensiones:  3.5 x 0.8 x 0.8


SKU: M-0505.