After 130 years, the classic Bicycle playing card has a modern, sophisticated and fresh look. A personalized deck of cards with the iconic bicycle logo. Printed by The US Playing Card Company in a shredded classic. Includes a 35 minute Brent Braun download that teaches 4 tricks with the included tricks. Bicycle Insignia Back is The Magic Firm's first custom deck of playing cards. Printed by the US Playing Card Company, the Insignia Back Deck embodies a timeless feel. The iconic Bicycle logo adorns the reverse of the cards in a classic casino-style location, creating simple elegance that makes a bold statement. TRUST SINCE 1885 The recognizable bike logo makes these cards perfect for game night with friends, great for wizards and amazing for cardistry. FANTASTIC FEELING AND PERFORMANCE Badge Backs are printed on classic crushed material with an embossed, air-cushioned "magic finish" for superior feel and handling. No matter what the application is, the Insignia Backs are designed to deliver products night after night. Standard faces 2 jokers 1 whiteback duplicate 2 Hearts 1 custom front box 35 minute download of Brent Braun teaching 4 tricks with the included tricks.

Peso (lb):  0.215
Dimensiones:  3.5 x 2.5 x 0.8

Bicycle Insignia Back (White) Naipes

SKU: M-0501